Vine Star Ben Philips Account Hacked

Vine Star Ben Philips Account Hacked

Vine star Ben Philips account has been hacked and the hackers deleted all his videos after he revealed the revenue from his videos. He contacted Vine to restore his clips and still waiting for a reply.

He told Newsbeat, "I'm thinking it's because of all the recent press I've been doing about my success with Vine."

"It's definitely a hack. My passwords change every week and my email address is completely generic. You wouldn't be able to guess."

"Everything's gone from my first ever Vine right up to now. It's like memories, a photo book that has been deleted," he added.

He says he doesn't know what he'll do if Vine can't help. "I'll have no choice but to start again. For me, that's something I really don't want to be thinking about right now because it's more of the memories of those Vines."

"I feel bad for everyone. Those Vines are to make people smile and now they're gone."

Ben Philips has 1.3 million followers (friends - he like to call them) and  more than 285 million loops on Vine. 

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