uTorrent App Bundled With Bitcoin Mining Program

uTorrent App Bundled With Bitcoin Mining Program

The popular torrent application uTorrent is bundled with a bit coin mining program that uses computers processing power when it is idle. Users are so worried about the mining program and some web medias are also spreading a wrong definition about the program.


The slightly hidden alt-coin miner is developed by distributed computing company Epic Scale. In reality, it is a program that uses your computer’s idle time to do a number of tasks including, genome research, protein folding, image rendering and cryptocurrency mining. It don't steal your private data, just like a browser tool bar.

Epic's website reads, "All of our installations are opt-in, but if you just clicked "Next, Next, Next...." in the torrent installer, then you may not have noticed our offer page."

"We give a majority of the profits to charities like Watsi (life-changing surgeries), and Immunity Project (HIV vaccine). We do not spy on your browsing behavior or scan your files or anything like that."

╬╝Torrent developer BitTorrent's spokesman said, "The distributed processing software is installed if users do not un-tick a box while installing ╬╝Torrent."

"Like many software companies, we have partner offers in our install path and our policy is that they are strictly optional," BitTorrent's spokesman added.

Epic Scale's CEO Tim Olson  told El Reg, "The company began as a non-profit, and donates a portion of its proceeds to charity". He also hopes to shift his distributed computing network from crypto-currencies to full-time contracts with science research projects.

Epic scale software is not a crapware that steals your data, it is just a part of distributed computing network. If you still want to uninstall the Epic scale, you can follow the below instructions.

  • Goto Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel and find "Epic Scale". Then uninstall it. if you don't find Epic Scale in Add/Remove Programs, download the uninstall utility, unzip it and double click on remove-epic-scale.exe. A window will pop up that says "Uninstalling." After this window closes Epic Scale will be completely removed from your computer.

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