GreatFire Hit By DDoS Attack

GreatFire Hit By DDoS Attack

Hackers hit Anti-Censorship service Greatfire with DDoS Attack on Tuesday for several hours -- hit the site's mirrors with around 2.6 billion requests per hour. That is, 2500 times larger than normal traffic. is an Anti-Censorship service provider in china allows uses to look up websites and keywords to see whether they're actively being blocked or otherwise censored by the Chinese government. It also provides number of mirrors of popular websites.

GreatFire hosts those mirrors on Amazon's Web Services for couple of reasons. One of the reason is that the Amazon Web Services is always encrypted, blocking china from differentiating the requests to the sites.

GreatFire said in a blog post, "We don't know who is behind this attack. However, the attack coincides with increased pressure on our organization over the last few months. The Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) publicly called us 'an anti-China website set up by an overseas anti-China organization'." 

"We also know that CAC has put pressure on our IT partners to stop working with us. Recently, we noticed that somebody was trying to impersonate us to intercept our encrypted email."

"Because of the number of requests we are receiving, our bandwidth costs have shot up to USD $30,000 per day."

"We need you to tell Amazon that you think that freedom of speech is an important issue and that Amazon, as a leading global enabler of the internet, plays an important role in access to information."

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