Google Adwords Displays Phishing Site For "Bing Ads"

Google Adwords Displaying Phishing Site For "Bing Ads"

Searching on Google to advertise with bing ? Beware, Google currently displays a phishing site link as a top result (Ads) for the query "Bing ads".

The search result looks official, the displayed URL on Google is, which is the domain for Microsoft's Bing ads network. But when you click on the search result, it will take you to a page that looks exactly like a login portal for the Yahoo Bing network. But it is actually a phishing webpage on the URL :

None of the hyperlinks on this phishing webpage are accessible, and visitors are only able to enter their Bing Ads username and password.

When you enter your Bing username and password, it goes to the hacker. Then you will be redirected to the actual bing ads webpage :

The phishing link has been reported to Google, but at the time of writing, the fake webpage link still displays for relevant search queries.

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