Forget Your Passwords; Yahoo Launches 'On Demand Passwords'

Forget Your Passwords; Yahoo Launches 'On Demand Passwords'

Yahoo, the one of the leading company in the technology industry has launched 'on-demand passwords', which delivers one-time passwords every time a user needs to log in to their account. That is, you no longer have to memorize the password to sign in to your account.

"This service is available for U.S users only "

How To Enable 'On Demand Passwords'

Step 1:    Sign in to your account.

Step 2:  Click on your name at the top right corner to go to your account information page.

Step 3:   Select "Security" in the left bar.

Step 4:   Click on the slider for "On-demand passwords" to opt-in.

Step 5:    Enter your phone number and Yahoo will send you a verification code.

Step 6:   Enter the verification code and done !

Next time you sign-in, you can use "send my password" button instead of the traditional password text box to receive the "one time key" to login.

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