Europol To Tackle Cyber Terrorism

Europol To Tackle Cyber Terrorism

The law enforcement agency Europol has proposed an Internet Referral Unit to combat online terrorism. Plans for the unit will be put forward today at a meeting of the EU's Justice and Home Affairs Council.
Statements from the document briefing plans :
"The internet is a major facilitator for radicalisation to terrorism. Addressing this matter poses a number of different challenges,"  
"The sheer volume of internet content promoting terrorism and extremism requires pooling of resources and a close cooperation with the industry."

Europol's Counter Terrorism Chief said that the Paris terror attack had added urgency to the proposal. Internet Referral Unit will become part of Europol, and would see resources from all member states contribute to tackling cyber terrorism.

Cyber terrorism is at an unexpected peak worldwide. So, the Europol would definitely require combined operations with several law enforcement agencies to take down online terrorism.

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