Be Invisible On Security Cameras With "Glasses"

Be Invisible On Security Cameras With "Glasses"

Want to play James bond in real life ? You can be invisible on security cameras by wearing glasses. It is not a science-fiction any more. Technically the glasses will not make you invisible from the security camera footage, but it will protect your identity from security cameras and facial recognition softwares. 

Security firm AVG has developed "invisibility glasses" that protect wearers identity from security cameras and other facial recognition technologies. It disrupts the security cameras and facial recognition softwares from getting a clear view of wearers face. 

It emits infrared light from LEDs on the glasses' frames to disrupt the 'clear view'  and uses retro-reflective materials to reflect light (Flash light) back at the same angle that it arrived. This causes the camera sensor to be flooded with light and rendering the image obsolete.

AVG said in a statement, "At this stage, invisibility glasses, including those we will be displaying at Pepcom are just a proof of concept. Rather than designing a product for market release, tech experts are investigating how technology can adapt to combat the daily erosion of our privacy in the digital age."


  • The "infrared light emitting frame" technique don't work on cellphone camera sensors having strong infrared filters, because these filters can cut off any wavelengths beyond the visible spectrum.
  • The drawback of the "retro-reflective material" technique is that it only works with flash photography as otherwise, not enough light will be sent back to distort the camera sensor. 

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