Facebook Launches Threat Exchange

Facebook Launches Threat Exchange

The social network facebook have launched a new system "ThreatExchange", that enables security experts to share security information more easily and efficiently. Threat exchange is the remarkable move from Facebook to ensure maximum system security to every contributors (companies).

ThreatExchange home page says the entire mission in one sentence : "When one company gets stronger, so do the rest of us."

Early contributors for Threat Exchange include Bitly, Dropbox, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, and Yahoo. They also included privacy setting that enables the contributors to control the sharing information. Means, it allows contributors to choose from a defined set of data types that exclude categories of sensitive data, and a number of safeguards help ensure that threat data isn't accidentally shared broadly.

Interested companies can contact ThreatExchange via a contact form on the ThreatExchange homepage.

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