U.S. Army Open Sourced It's Security tool "Dshell Framework"

Dshell framework, a security tool from U.S. Army to do forensic analysis on the Department of Defense networks after a cyber attack is now open sourced. 

The purpose of this move is to encourage developers to add their own modules that will help the army experts understand what happens when they get attacked.

According to US Army, this functionality development program is definitely going to expand the framework's capability in finding and detecting attacks and it's sources.

William Glodek, Network Security branch chief at the Army Research Laboratory, said in a statement, "Outside of government there are a wide variety of cyber threats that are similar to what we face here at ARL."

"Dshell can help facilitate the transition of knowledge and understanding to our partners in academia and industry who face the same problems," Glodek added.

Are you a developer ? You can download the Dshell framework from Github.

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