Islamic Hackers Defaced New Zealand Websites

Defaced page of Live For Tomorrow
Defaced page of  Live For Tomorrow
Two New Zealand websites have been defaced by the Indonesian hacker group “Team Muslim Cyberforce”.

Defaced Websites 

  • Zeal's Live For Tomorrow.
  • Stephen Tindall's Tindall Foundation

Current Status :

At the time of writing this article, two of the websites are running online without any disturbances.

Zeal Advocacy & Operations Manager Elliot Taylor said, “It was probably the last thing I expected to see. Especially considering we've been looking at birds with dog heads for the last six weeks.”

“The website has some clear value statements - all positive - as well as a resource for anti-bullying. Maybe the hackers took offence to some of the content, or maybe we were just an easy target.”

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