Hacktivist Group Anonymous Changes Masks - The Heroes Of Cyberspace

Anonymous changes mask- From Villain to Hero

Talking about Anonymous, the first thing comes to mind is their leaderless concept and activities in cyberspace. Anonymous was not a team of good hackers, who want to change the world, until the lizard squad took down XBox live and PSN on Christmas eve.

After the Lizard Squad ruined Christmas eve, the Anonymous hackers declared war against the Lizard squad and said, "Now you (Lizard Squad) are all going down." 

Now the hacker group Anonymous declared war against Jihadist groups to avenge Paris attacks. Anonymous released the clip through its Belgian account '#OpCharlieHebdo' - "a message for al-Qaeda, the Islamic State and other terrorists".

The group claimed to have hacked a jihadhist website ansar-alhaqq.net on Saturday afternoon. The website was down for more than an hour after Anonymous group's announcement. 

Still, most of the people didn't accept the Anonymous Group's change, but some says -"They always stands up for what is right."

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