Cyber Jihadists Claimes 1,000 French Websites Hack

Cyber Jihadists
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ISIS hackers claiming the responsibility of hacking over 1,000 french sites since charlie hebdo attacks. Hackers targeting local websites operated by government, universities, churches and businesses to deface and spread the message - "There is only one God, Allah," "Death to France," and "Death to Charlie."

Jihadists hacked the official website of the Lot department in south-west France and the users who visited the official websites were redirected to a site broadcasting fundamentalist speech.

These cyber attacks is thought to be a response to Anonymous hackers #OpCharlieHebdo, which targets jihadist websites and twitter accounts.

Francois Paget, a security expert from McAfee said, "For now it has been more cyber-vandalism than sophisticated, high-level attacks. We're not yet dealing with very structured groups."

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