20 Ways To Increase Hacking Skills And Think Like A Hacker

20 Ways To Increase Hacking Skills And Think Like A Hacker

Hacker, the term that defines something extraordinary in cyber world. People, who wants to learn hacking, don't know where to start. They always looking for some shortcuts to become or act like a hacker. They really don't want to learn the basics, but wants to become a hacker like in the movies. Let me tell you something - There is no software or skills you can master to crack 128 bit encryption in 10 seconds (Yeah, I watched Swordfish).

Skills and passion are the major factor to become the most successful hacker. You can be a whitehat, blackhat or grey hat, it's really depends on you.

Here is the 20 ways to increase your hacking skills and think like a hacker :

  1. If you don't have a hacker lab, setup it as soon as possible. Here is the video to create your own hacker lab. People with only one computer can use Virtualbox to create their own hacker lab.
  2. Watch Ted Talks related to hacking. Because you need motivation too.
  3. Take 2 hours a day to learn about a hacker or hacker group as much as possible. You can consider it as a hobby.
  4. If you don't know C and C++, start learning now. You know, smart hackers writes their own exploits and malwares !
  5. Learn hacking techniques from the basics. A good basic knowledge will help you to understand complex topics effortlessly.
  6. Practice a technique over and over again to attain speed and accuracy.
  7. Ask questions yourself.
  8. Attend hacker workshops and conferences.
  9. Read hacking related magazines.
  10. Read cyber security news everyday, never miss a single news story.
  11. Watch hacking related documentaries often. It will help you to learn more.
  12. Download and read free Ebooks related to hacking.
  13. Enroll for the free online hacking classes (Trail courses helps a lot ! ).
  14. Don't know vulnerability research ? Learn and start your own researches.
  15. Learn to write exploits.
  16. Start a website or blog to showcase your skills.
  17. Think from different perspectives (hacker, victims or organisations).
  18. Don't call yourself a hacker, Make others do it ( I already told you to showcase your skills).
  19. Join hacking related facebook and google+ communities. Try to answer peoples questions (do a small research for it). It will help you to learn more and increase your reputation on social medias.
  20. Don't forget to be super active in hacking forums ( Note: Don't spend too much time on it).
I'm not saying, implementing these things in your life will make you a successful hacker, but I'm sure you will love the results.

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