US Senator Introduces Bill To Ban FBI Backdoor Access

US senator Ron Wyden on Thursday introduced a bill that would prevent the government from spying on every digital devices. Wyden's Secure Data Act aims to protect people's privacy from the government and to stop extensive government surveillance.

Wyden said "Strong encryption and sound computer security is the best way to keep Americans’ data safe from hackers and foreign threats.”

"It is the best way to protect our constitutional rights at a time when a person’s whole life can often be found on his or her smartphone. And strong computer security can rebuild consumer trust that has been shaken by years of misstatements by intelligence agencies about mass surveillance of Americans"

The bill aims to establish that no agency may mandate that a manufacturer, developer, or seller of computer hardware, software or an electronics device available to the public should design or change its security functions for the purpose of surveillance of any user or for the physical search of a product, unless the product is already covered under CALEA(Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act ).

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