Regin Malware Hits German Chancellor's Office

German Chancellor Angela Merkel With a phone

Regin, the highly sophisticated malware was identified in a USB stick to the work computer of the unit head in the Department for European Policy by a virus scanning software.

According to the DW report, the staff member, who works in close contact with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, had written a draft of a speech on her work computer, which she then took home using a USB stick at the end of the day and worked on it using her private laptop.

Regin is thought to be the product of US or UK agencies. 

She later saved the document again on her private USB stick and brought it back into the office, to use on her work laptop. A virus alert went off and it was detected that the USB stick was infected with the spying software Regin. Checks of all other high-security laptops in the Federal Chancellery revealed no additional infections.
The cyber security firm Symantec considers Regin as a Mass surveillance tool. Regin, according to Symantec-"An advanced spying tool, Regin displays a degree of technical competence rarely seen and has been used in spying operations against governments, infrastructure operators, businesses, researchers, and private individuals."


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