Lizard Squad Special DDOS Service For $2.99

Lizard Squad

The infamous hacker group Lizard Squad, who is behind the massive attacks that took down both Sony's PlayStation Network and Xbox Live is now selling their attacks as a service. 

Lizard squad's Lizard Stresser service offers attacks for various prices($2.99 to $309.99). The hacker group using the PSN and Xbox attacks as a marketing scheme to sell their services.

Lizard Stresser

Lizard Stresser's Terms and conditions reads: "Permission is granted to stress test dedicated servers and networks owned by you. This is the oppurtunity to make your firewalls better, not to misuse against the law. This is a license given to you and anything you do while on is your own responsibility as we are not liable."

The Lizard Stresser service ensures that the user identity is transparent, so the liability falls on the user.

Lizard Stresser's introduction page reads: "Welcome to LizardStresser, brought to you by Lizard Squad. This booter is famous for taking down some of the world’s largest gaming networks such as Xbox Live, Playstation Network, Jagex, BattleNet, League of Legends, and many more! With this stresser, you wield the power to launch some of the world’s largest denial of service attacks."

addon for lizard stresser

$2.99 is enough to take down a website for 100 seconds and $69.99 can take down a website for 8 hours. If you need extra power, there is addons available for various prices.

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