Flaw In Skype Android App Allows To Spy Anyone

A serious privacy vulnerability in android app Skype allows to spy on any Skype user. This flaw can potentially allow anyone to spy android skype user's phone’s camera and mic. There are billions of android skype app users out there, all those users are vulnerable to this attack.

How It Works ?

When someone calling to the android skype app(Consider, it is dropped before connecting for reasons other than being rejected by the receiver or cancelled by the caller), Skype at the receiver’s end(Android phone) will automatically dial back to the caller, activating the camera, and the mic.

Here is the step by step guide:

Step 1: Have two devices and two different Skype IDs, one device must be android.

Step 2: Make a skype call to the android device.

Step 3: Turn OFF the internet connection on android device.

Step 4 : You will get a  a call back at any time from the Android phone, and once it does, accept it. Now you can tap into the Android phone’s camera and mic(when the skype android app online).

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