Buffer Overflow Vulnerability Found In Honeywell PoS Software

image credit : www.businesscomputingworld.co.uk
Security expert Ariele Caltabiano has identified a buffer overflow vulnerability in Honeywell OLE for Retail Point Of Sale suite(OPOS). The Honeywell OPOS Suite provides a standard programming interface that allows POS hardware to be easily integrated into retail POS systems based on Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Honeywell OPOS Suite versions prior to version are vulnerable to stack buffer overflows in HWOPOSScale.ocx and HWOPOSSCANNER.ocx components.

How It Affects 

By using this stack buffer overflow vulnerability, an attacker may be able to execute arbitrary code on vulnerable systems. Garret Wassermann from The Vulnerability Notes Database said, "The target user must visit a malicious page or open a malicious file from the attacker for this attack to occur."

The vendor released the patch, grab the Honeywell OPOS Suite from the Honeywell website to fix the stack overflow vulnerability.

Earlier this year, the PoS(point of sale) malwares were the trending topics on every online medias. Also the hackers stole huge amount of sensitive data from Kmart, Diary queen, Viator and Home Depot.

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