BitTorrent Wants To Circulate "The Interview"

Bittorrent wants to circulate The Interview

"The Interview", a comedy film about the assassination of North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, is now the major headache of the sony pictures entertainment. 

Sony CEO Michael Lynton told CNN, "We have always had every desire to have the American public see this movie. But there has not been one major VOD or one major E-commerce site that has said they are willing to step forward and distribute this movie." 

"Guardians Of Peace"(#GOP) Hackers sent a new email to Sony Pictures Entertainment, warning not to distribute the film in any form and remove everything related to the movie including trailers. But BitTorrent really wants to circulate the film -"The Interview" through their networks by using a service called BitTorrent Bundle to viewers for a fee.

BitTorrent Chief Content Officer Matt Mason told Deadline, "It seems like no one else wants to touch this, but for us this about the two things we care about most: an open Internet and a sustainable future for creativity. This is bigger than this film at this point. As a company, we feel we have no choice but to help Sony Pictures and defend these principles."

What you think, Is it going to work ? . Let us know in the comment section below.

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