Metascan Malware Protection For Your Firefox And Chrome


OPSWAT has launched the Firefox and Chrome addon "Metascan Online", which allows the browser to scan downloads, websites and URLs for threats.

How It Works ?

First download the Metascan online Firefox addon from OPSWAT. Then you have to create an OPSWAT Portal account, verify it, log in and the follow the onscreen instructions. After the installation, you can easily scan a link by right-clicking it and selecting “Scan with Metascan Online”.

If the link is a file then it’s uploaded to Metascan Online, checked with 40+ commercial antivirus engines for threats.If the link was to a website then Metascan Online runs a check with 13 databases of known malicious sites and tells you the threat.

But the chrome extension is available on the official Chrome store with lesser features than Firefox addon. It gives more options with downloads.

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