Japanese Court Orders Google To Remove Search Results Linking A Man To Crime


A Japanese (Tokyo district) court ordered Google to remove 112 search results that linked an innocent man's name to crime. The judge, Nobuyuki Seki, rejected Google's arguments that search engines are merely providers and aren't obliged to delete offending results; there was "tangible damage" here, he said.

Lawyers for the man argued that such results were in violation of his right to privacy, as well as damaging to his reputation.

"We remove pages from our search results when required by local law—including Japan’s long-standing privacy and defamation laws.We’re currently reviewing this preliminary injunction from the Tokyo District Court," Google said.

"This is good news for those who feel their lives are threatened and are sickened physically and psychologically by Google’s search results,”  the plaintiff’s lawyer, Tomohiro Kanda said.

Google officially started accepting requests from users to remove links on May 29 to improve user experience.

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