Hong Kong's Pro-Democracy Protesters Targeted By Malware


Cyber criminals found a new target to spy, a new sophisticated malware targets Hong Kong protester's phones.

Lacoon, a mobile security firm says it has detected a new malware, Xsser that fools WhatsApp user's on Android and iOS by posing as a coordination tool for the Occupy Central movement.

Who Is Behind This Malware App ?
It’s not clear who’s behind the malware app. But there are some speculations says that the Chinese government is involved in this attack.

Lacoon Mobile Security chief executive Michael Shaulov said, "This is the first time that we have seen such operationally sophisticated iOS malware operational, which is actually developed by a Chinese-speaking entity."

"Targets of the operation, where the servers are based and the sophistication of the attack, it doesn't leave much room to the imagination," he added

How Many Devices Infected ?

One in 10 handsets may have been compromised. we will continue to update this story as soon as any information comes to light.

The Complete Scenario 

A user with a android or iOS phone receives a message that says "Check out this Android app designed by Code4HK [a hacker group that’s helping the Occupy Central movement] for the coordination of OCCUPY CENTRAL!".

When the user installs the app, user will get infected with the Xsser malware and user's complete information will be transferred to the attacker.

The jail broken iOS users must be careful. Don't install any apps from other sources except Apples's app store.

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