Hackers Attacks Ukraine's Election Commission Website

Hackers attacked the Ukraine's Election Commission website (www.cvk.gov.ua) by using a most common hacking method DDOS attack Saturday on the eve of parliamentary polls.

Basics Of Hacking Attacks

DDOS Attack ?
DDos attack is one of the most commonly used attack that can slow down or shut down the entire network by flooding it with communication requests.

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"There is a DDoS attack on the commission's site," the government information security service said on its Facebook page.

The security service said the attack was "predictable" and that measures had been prepared in advance to ensure that the election site could not be completely taken down.

Ukraine's commission spokesman, Kostyantyn Khivrenko said the report ,"electronic vote counting system was out of order" on Russia's state news agency RIA Novosti was fake.

"The Central Election Commission will issue preliminary results of the voting with the help of the Vybory information-analytical system. This system is working normally," he added.

Also the Ukrainska Pravda news website on Friday reported that outdoor video screens across Kiev were briefly hacked.The screens, which are used for advertising, including election ads for political parties, reportedly started to display scary and horrible images.

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