Hackers Attacks Company Landlines To Make Billions

hacker attacks telephone

Hackers are now breaking into the company landlines to make enough profits. Over the last year, landline attacks have generated billions of dollars in illegal revenue for attackers.

How ?

First, Hackers intrudes into the company's network and then takes control of company landline. After the hackers get access to the landline network, they places hundreds of automated long distance charges to numbers they currently lease.

In most cases, hackers simply lease premium phone lines in countries outside the US where they can make as much as $0.24 per minute.

In March, a small architecture firm ran up over $160,000 in premium, long distance charges, while no one was at the office. It is not a new and rare case, reports shows that theses landline hackers looted nearly 5 billion US dollars last year.

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