Facebook's New Security System Searches Web For Stolen Passwords


Facebook has recently announced their new security system to make your passwords more secure. Facebook said, "To do this, we monitor a selection of different 'paste' sites for stolen credentials and watch for reports of large scale data breaches. We collect the stolen credentials that have been publicly posted and check them to see if the stolen email and password combination matches the same email and password being used on Facebook."

"This is a completely automated process that doesn't require us to know or store your actual Facebook password in an unhashed form. In other words, no one here has your plain text password."

"To check for matches, we take the email address and password and run them through the same code that we use to check your password at login time. If we find a match, we'll notify you the next time you log in and guide you through a process to change your password."

Facebook Security Engineer Chris Long suggests two additional ideas for online security. He recommends to "Enable Login Approvals" and use Facebook login when you need to sign into other websites.

What you think about Facebook's new security system ?. Let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. I think it's a pretty good idea. Only problem is that it only checks your facebook password and email address linked to Facebook, which means users still need to be vigilant to know about security breaches to check their other accounts.


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