Exciting Security Features Coming To Windows 10

Even though the initial windows 10 technical preview was so disappointing one, people still expects more new features from windows 10.

Now the windows team announced a built in two factor authentication, which allows every user to verify identity using their own devices. In order to activate two factor authentication in windows 10, user must register the device as trusted for authentication purposes. Then it will be the key to unlock user's windows 10 devices via Bluetooth or WiFi.

To complete the login process user must need a PIN, which can be made up of any number of alphanumeric characters, or a biometric input such as a fingerprint. That means, if the PIN is stolen, it is useless without a trusted device and if the trusted device is stolen, it is useless without the PIN.

Jim Alkove, Microsoft's Windows enterprise management team head said "We will have nearly everything in place to move the world away from the use of single-factor authentication options, like passwords."

Identity protection, data loss prevention and different threat resistance techniques are the other new features coming to windows 10. 

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