"Emma Watson Nude Video" Facebook Scam Delivers Trojan

emma watson

Have you seen Facebook posts like this :"Emma Watson's nude video leaked". That's not a real one, but a nasty work of hoax artists. The leaked video is actually a Trojan that could steal your personal information and Facebook passwords.

How The Scam Begins

The Facebook scam spread through infected computers that posts "Emma Watson's nude video leaked" links on Facebook. When a user clicks on that link, the user get redirected to a fake YouTube page. Then the page asks the user to update flash player to watch the video.

That fake "flash player update" drops the Trojan in "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer." After the installation of Trojan, the attackers can steal personal information, Facebook cookies, passwords etc.

Emma Watson's speech on gender equality at the headquarters of united nations made her an immediate target of malicious hackers and spammers. Since the Facebook has millions of users, scammers and black hat hackers are increasingly using the Facebook platform to spread their malicious programs.

What's Next ?

Scammers and black hat hackers will continue their nasty jobs to earn money. So we must take precautions against these kinds of attacks. In order to stay protected, you must not click suspicious links, even if they are sent to you by trusted friends.

If you want more security for your data, read our security article : How To Be Safe On The Internet (Updated).

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