Chat Logs Revealed Sabu's Role In Hacking Sun Newspaper

sabu hacker

The FBI informant and hacker Hector Xavier Monsegur's (Sabu) chat logs revealed his role in sun newspaper security breach. The hacking attack was done in 2011, which took down the websites of sun and the Times.

The documents obtained by Motherboard shows that computer hacker sabu played an active role in the newspaper hack. Chat records shows that he was encouraging other hackers to break further into News International systems and helped to break staffs passwords.

At that time, sabu was a FBI informant too. Now FBI caught sabu's double agent play. Chat logs shows that the lulzsec group were working together over several days to hack into the Sun.

Sabu helped other hackers to hack into the server and encouraged them to steal passwords and email records.

Sabu said in the opening of private channel “#sunnydays" conversation,
"what up gentlemen,”
 “lets do this.”

"Good work on owning sun honestly speaking this is going to be good shit. I want their mailspools...fuck the rest,” Sabu wrote.

Other hackers in the channel replaced home pages with pictures of internet memes and some others obtained login details of multiple news international.

10 days after the attack on SUN, several members of Lulzsec were arrested, and later convicted, for activities in the group.

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