A Simple Way To Avoid Malvertising Attacks


How the Malware Infects Computers ?

In this case, you don't need to click on any links to get infected by the malware. Visiting the site (which serves malicious ads) can infect the computer instantly.

What Happens Next ?

After infecting the computer, the malware will establish a backdoor connection with the cyber criminal's system. That is, the infected system will become the slave of  the cyber criminal.

Then the malicious hacker can do anything on the infected system, including stealing your credit card information, photos, videos and etc.

Of course you can avoid these malvertising attacks. All you have to do is... disable the flash player in  the web browsers. If you are using Google chrome, go to the Settings and click on "Show Advanced Settings". Then click "Content Settings" under the Privacy tab. A pop-up window will appear. Under Plug-ins, select "Let me choose when to run plug in content".

If you are using Mozilla Firefox, you can block Flash player by using Flashblock addon.

Not satisfied with this simple security tips? Get the best protection techniques and tools: How To Be Safe On The Internet (updated).

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