Vulnerability Simply Explained

vulnerability explained

Do you remember the last time your antivirus detected a threat. The question is, how the virus get inside of your system ? It is obviously through the weak points of your system.

As always, points here :
  • Vulnerability is a mistake in a system.
  • Black hat hackers make use of vulnerabilities to gain unauthorized access.
  • Vulnerability is an error that can be misused.
If a day came up with a new vulnerability, then next day will come up with the fix for that vulnerability. Some times the fix creates another severe vulnerabilities. Even the most secured systems can be hacked by taking advantage of a bad configurations. So security is not about having the most secure system in the world, it is about configuring the system in a perfect manner. 

For example, imagine you have an apple computer and you have no idea about how to configure the system but you configured it in your own way. Now the hacker can intrude into your computer easily. So what purpose of having most secure system in your hand ? 

That is, every system can be configured to be perfect. But you must have that knowledge to make a perfect system (not ideal). Finding such vulnerabilities is a part of hacker culture. Most hackers makes use the vulnerability through exploits.

What Is Zero-Day Vulnerability ?

It is the vulnerability discovered by a hacker on a system/product before the developer does. Black hat hackers makes money by selling zero day exploits to organizations or individuals. After the users of system/product reports some malicious activity, developers starts making the solution for it to protect the users.

Where The Hackers Sells Zero-Day Exploits ?

Hackers are selling zero day exploits at various underground forums. Even you can get an exploit, if you have enough money. If you have programming skills, you can create your own exploits. But remember selling and using of exploits is illegal.

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