Vulnerability Research Simply Explained

vulnerability research for hacking

As always we are going to show you some simple points about vulnerability research.
  • Vulnerability research means exploring the weakness.
  • As a coin has two sides, vulnerability research can be used for offensive and defensive purposes.
  • Ethical Hackers can defend against crackers by identifying the vulnerability before others take advantage of it.
Most of the hackers taking advantage of vulnerabilities to gain unauthorized access to victims system/ property. There is no system having a complete security. One or another ways, it can be hacked. In reality, most secured systems are very hard for hackers to break in, but not impossible.

Vulnerability research plays huge role in hacking. Some hackers does it by using some tools, others uses their skills (programming, technical). If you have a website, you should be careful about vulnerabilities. Use a good vulnerability scanner to identify the vulnerabilities and get an expert to fix them. A single defacement could be able to make your business go down and worthless.

Is Vulnerability Research Only To Protect/Attack Systems ?

Vulnerability research not only used for securing/attacking systems but also used to recover a network/system from an attack. It can also be used to gather information about viruses, malwares and worms.

How It Can Be Classified ?

It can be classified on the basis of :
  • Severity level
  • Exploit Range

Severity Level

It determines rate of risk associated with that particular vulnerably. It normally divides into three categories: High,medium ,Low.

Exploit Range

It determines the range that an exploit could occur. It can be in local or remote. Local exploits can occur over a LAN, but remote exploits can occur over the internet.

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