Shakira Death Scam Delivers Malware

shakira dead scam

A recent Death Hoax says that the singer Shakira died in a car accident at the Macarena neighborhood of Colombian capital, Bogota. This fake Email campaign targets Spanish-speaking users.

The Fake email contains a Microsoft word document as an attachment. Email says that for more details about accident and images download the attached word document.

Is The Word Document Contains Malware ?

Yes, when the victim opens the word document, an error shows " Content Cannot be displayed until macros are enabled in word" and giving instructions supposedly to view the images and information about the accident.Those instructions explains how to disable security settings from word.After the victim disabled the security features, the macro in the word document will infect the PC.Then it downloads additional components from an insecure Joomla site.

Is It Detectable By Antivirus ?

Unfortunately, it has a VirusTotal detection rate of just 2/54. So the Spanish speaking users must be careful.

How To Avoid This Kind Of Attack ?

It is easy to avoid this kind of attacks, you must delete all the suspicious Emails from your inbox without even opening it. Also block in your PC.

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