Researchers Found Data Leaks In Android Apps

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Researchers of New Haven university found that most of android apps including Instagram, Vine, Nimbuzz, OoVoo. Researchers revealed the shocking truths about the android apps.

Researchers found the following, The images and videos in unencrypted form on Web sites, storing chat logs in plain text on the device, sending passwords in plaintext, and in the case of TextPlus, storing screenshots of app usage that the user didn't take.

Tango and MessageMe left videos on a server, also unencrypted. TextMe and Nimbuzz stored passwords in plaintext on the device. Apps that sent text, images, location maps, music and video unencrypted over the network were Instagram, OKCupid, OoVoo, Tango, Kik, Nimbuzz, MeetMe, MessageMe, TextMe, Grindr, HeyWire, Hike and TextPlus. 

Several apps also stored chat logs unencrypted on the device. That includes Twitter's Vine, TextPlus, Nimbuzz, TextMe, MeetMe, SayHi, Kik, OoVoo, HeyWire, Hike, MyChat, WeChat, GroupMe, Whisper, Line, Voxer and Zynga's Words with Friends.

We all know there are millions of people uses these apps. We thought our data is secure, but actually it doesn't. There is nothing we can do rather than deleting the apps.

The Tech Giant CNET Contacted the companies, but reply is not yet received.

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