Rawshark Hacker Strikes Again

Rawshark hacker hacked

Rawshark hacker came up with a new hack. As a result, the New Zealand cabinet minister Judith Collins resigned yesterday.

Two weeks ago, the hacker Rawshark revealed the emails between blogger Cameron Slater (whale Oil) and a journalist NIcky Hager. Now the hacker revealed the emails and other communications between New Zealand Cabinet minister Judith Collins and Whale oil aka Cameron Slater.

minister resigned yesterday

How Rawshark Hacked Into Email ?

The exact method, he or she used to get in that account is unknown. It may be a brute force attack, Malware attack, spywares. It can be any hacking techniques, which grant access to the email account. But we don't believe it is brute force attack, since it have a security feature called captcha, most of the email services cannot be brute forced .

The hacker somehow gained the password of email account or hacker secretly hacked into their computer.The method and hacker is still remains in shadow.

The hack and resignation caused some negative impact to the ruling National Party. The hacker shows that Collins in communications with Whale Oil, who at the time was running a campaign against the chief executive of the Serious Fraud Office and others. The SFO was investigating the affairs of a failed finance company, the executives of which were represented by a PR man that Slater was working with. At the time, Collins was also the minister in charge of the SFO.

Rawshark said, "This isn't just about party politics, this is a network of politically-connected individuals who launder political and media influence for money, power and personal revenge. I hope it's clear now... why I thought it was justified to expose them in the way that I did. The sacking of Judith Collins is a good start."

Since the New Zealanders go to the polls on 20 September, this hack attack and Collins resignation can make a change in polls.

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