Phishing Alert : Fake Refund Notification Spreading

Phishing Refund Notification

Fake refund notifications are spreading in united kingdom to steal personal information. It is a usual phishing attack says a tax refund need to be paid to the recipient. Cyber criminals tricks the victim to enter all the personal details including DOB, address, postcode, account number, full card details into a fake website form.

That info can lead to compromising the victim's bank account. The fake email reads, "Due to the invalid account record, we are unable to complete the tax refund request of £100. Please submit a verified tax refund request. To submit the information click on the Refund Me Link below."

When a customer click on the refund me link, it will redirect him/her to a fake website and says - Fill the form with your valid information. If the customer submit the valid information, the crooks  can compromise the customer's bank account.
Malwarebytes reports that the sum selected as bait by the crooks was three or even four times larger. However, it may be that cyber criminals believe that a lower amount would work better in the scam, because the aforementioned sum is not too large to raise suspicions.
"In the scammy message purporting to come from HM Revenue & Customs there is a link to the alleged refund form, which is stored on a compromised German bicycle shop website", Malwarebytes added.

How To Avoid This Attack ?

You can easily avoid this attack by checking the source of the message, it contains the actual information about the sender.

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