Microsoft Removed 1,500 Fake Apps From Windows Stores

Fake apps removed from Windows Stores

Microsoft has removed 1500 fake apps from windows and windows phone store. There was many complaints in windows app stores that most of the apps are fraudulent and misleading apps. So Microsoft initiated a clean up process and removed 1500 fake apps from the stores.

Now Microsoft added a Windows store app certification requirements to ensure that apps are not misleading and they do exactly the same thing described.

There are many requirements Microsoft added to windows stores that, icons should not be misleading the purpose of app, apps should be properly categorized according to the functions and so on.

As the copyright law and community Guidelines, the Microsoft added some thing similar to that "Your app must not contain content that advocates discrimination, hatred, or violence based on considerations of race, ethnicity, national origin, language, gender, age, disability, religion, sexual orientation, status as a veteran, or membership in any other social group".

"Your app must not contain content or functionality that encourages, facilitates or glamorizes illegal activity in the real world "

One of the biggest complaints before the review was that users of Microsoft online stores found it difficult to differentiate between original apps and copycats. Copycat apps included fake versions of Adobe Flash Player, Firefox, Candy Crush Saga, WhatsApp, Minecraft, Spotify and Blender 3D, according to a report by HowToGeek.

Windows store General manager Todd Brix said, "These revised policies are being applied to all new app submissions and existing app updates for both the Windows and Windows Phone Store. We have also been working on titles already in the catalogue, conducting a review of Windows Store to identify titles that do not comply with our modified certification requirements.”

"As always, we will gladly refund the cost of an app that is downloaded as a result of an erroneous title or description. Customers can visit Windows Support and Windows Phone Support to contact Microsoft about a refund", he added.

Microsoft said, "If any issues found, let us know by using "report concern to Microsoft" link. We encourage your participation ".

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