Massive Malware Attack On Oil And Eneregy Industry In Norway

Norway Oil Energy Industry under attack

Oil and Energy companies have been targeted by hackers and some of them have already been breached. It is about 300 companies are targeted by the hackers. Hackers are using malwares to infect company networks to gain control over them. The National Security Authority (NSM) has issued warnings to the targeted companies.

According to Norwegian site NewsinEnglish, "A company employee had received an email containing a malicious attachment ".

How The Hackers Breaches Company Security ?

Hacker's are not idiots to send a normal malware into the company. What they are doing is exactly a brilliant idea, they are sending fake emails to employees with an attachment (probably a trojan). When employees opens the fake email attachment, the trojan will be executed and establishes a connection with the hacker.

Is Protection Software Detects The Malicious Program ?

That's a good question, you know, such huge companies probably having the best antivirus, antispyware, firewalls installed. But unfortunately hackers are aware of it, so they will make the trojan undetectable by the antivirus. Making undetectable trojan is simple, just encrypt the normal trojan one or more times. Undetectable trojan cannot be identified by any protection programs, including the world best antivirus, anti-spyware programs.

After gaining a backdoor connection with the target system, hacker downloads a malicious code into the target system. That code can damage all the files and services of the network (Malwares) and record all the keystrokes from the network, which allows the passwords to be stolen.

How They Can Avoid Such Attacks ?

They can avoid such attacks by deleting suspicious emails without opening it. All the employees of the company should be aware of this attack and the management should give them instructions to delete suspicious emails without opening it.

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