Identity Theft Explained

stealing identity

What Is Identity Theft ?

Identity theft is stealing someone's identity. That is, someone pretends to be someone else for some personal gain.

What Are The Personal Gains ?

Personal gains are usually gaining access to victims resources or attempting crime.The consequences of these activities of identity thief can cause severe problems to the victim, because victims often don't know how their personal information was obtained. Identity theft is hard to detect by individual victims.

How The Hackers Gains Personal Information ?

In online, 95% percentage of people are exposed. So for a hacker, it is not a hard job to gain personal information of a user.

Did you know, most of the apps can read and access your smartphone or PC. These information can be read by the app developers or organizations. So it is easy this way to gain personal information.

Have you heard about Zeus, not the Greek god, a powerful Malware. These Malwares are built to gain personal information. Malware like zeus can record every keystrokes and monitor all activities of victim. Zeus is pretty good at finding credit card numbers. The interesting fact is, Zeus have a amazing interface that can be used by a person with average computer literacy.

There are many other ways to obtain personal information, such as dumpster diving, browsing social networking sites, stealing checks and lot's more.

How To Avoid Identity Theft

  • Check your financial statements regularly. If any suspicious activity found, report it to authorities.
  • Shred sensitive documents.
  • Don't be fooled by any phishing emails. If you don't know what is phishing is check out the article here.
  • Clear your logins and passwords, if you are using a public computer.
  • Install a best Malware scanner and keep it updated.

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