iCloud Service Hacked, Australian Actress Teresa Palmer's Nude Photos Leaked

teresa palmer

Private nude photos of Australian actress Teresa Palmer have been posted to the 4chan message board.The hacker got them from Apple's iCloud service.

Photos of Teresa Palmer with her ex-boyfriend Scott Speedman began to spread on twitter including some nude photos(Over 30 nude photos are online). She got her name on a list of female celebrities who had their private data leaked. She's not the only Australian star on the list, with Sucker Punch actress Emily Browning and Yvonne Strahovski from spy series Chuck also named.

Image courtesy Dailymail

How It Happened ?

It is not clear, but most of the leaked photos are already deleted things.It is the fact that,Cloud services doesn't delete anything from their servers, even after you delete it from your account.The data will be still there.
(Assumption) The hacker hacked into the iCloud service and he got the already deleted photos !.

Some Of Her Movies

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