Hacktivism Simply Explained


Nowadays hacking is not a strange thing, it happens every day. Our accounts can be hacked, if we don't pay much attention to it. The real question is, 

Why They Are Hacking Into Our Systems ?

The above question is not new in cyber world. You know, intentions, plays a major role in the behind the scenes of hacking. Some hackers hacks for fun, some for money and some hackers hacks for a cause.

  • Hacktivism means, hacking with or for a cause. Hackers want worlds attention to a particular cause. It may be social or political.
  • Hacktivism is an idea of sending messages through their hacking to the world. 
Hacktivism sometimes crosses it's boundaries inorder to achieve some malicious personal goals. Even hacking for good purposes without permission is a crime. "Hacking is a crime, no matter what the intention is".

No offence, even the hackers who hacked government websites due to the Gaza issue are cyber criminals. Because,  what they did is a crime. Yeah, the same thing "hacking into something without permission is a crime."

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