Cyber Attack Simply Explained

Cyber Attack

Reports about cyber attacks are increasing day by day. We all know, intruding into someone's privacy or gaining unauthorized access is a crime.

As every crime, cyber crimes also causes severe damages to someone's business or public. Cyber crimes should be controlled to build a better nation. In this cyber era, you must watch your kid's every move. Because kids can be the another victim of cyber crimes.

Let's jump into the subject,  "Cyber attack", if you really want to learn something, it is better to make your own definitions for them.

As always, simple points are here :
  • Cyber attack is any action that causes any kind of damages/losses to the system or individual.
  • Stealing credit card information is a cyber attack that can cause damage/loss to the individual.
  • Every malicious activity is a cyber attack.

What Are The Kinds Of Cyber Attacks ?

Everyday we are experiencing some sort of cyber attacks. It may be in the form of computer viruses, spam emails, phishing and even shoulder surfing.

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