4 Typical Ways A Hacker Can Gain Access To A System

Everyone loves hacking, tweaking and that kind of stuffs right?. Today we want you to take a look at " Typical Ways A Hacker Can Gain Access To A System". Hackers are getting into a system using several type of attacks like SQL injection, directory traversal attack and so on.

This article focuses on the basic ways to Gain Access To A System. Beginners must learn these kinds of information, because without basics there is nothing you can do.

What Are These Ways To Gain Access To A System ?

There are 4 typical ways a hacker can gain access to a system :

  • Operating System Level Attacks
  • Application Level Attacks
  • Shrink wrap code Attacks
  • Misconfiguration Attacks

1. Operating System Level Attacks

Operating systems comes with exploitable default settings and services. For a normal user, it is difficult to tweak them in a perfect state. So hackers can intrude into the operating systems by exploiting their default settings and services. Patches and updates are comes as a second product , so almost all users will neglect it. Under these situations, a hacker can take advantage of user's negligence and he or she can easily hack into user's system.

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2. Application Level Attacks

Bugs on applications can be exploited to gain access to a system. This is because the application didn't get proper testing JP morgan phishing mail delivers banking trojan from developers. The most common type of bug found in applications is buffer overflow. So it is really easy for a hacker to make use of bugs.

3.Shrink Wrap Code Attacks

Codes are always a confusing thing for a common user. Even the experts may get confused in some situations !. Shrink Wrap Attack happens because of bad tuning. Scripts and codes should be tuned fine to get maximum protection against hackers.

4. Misconfiguration Attacks

Bad configurations can make the most secure systems get into trouble. Applications or operating systems should be configure correctly in order to get maximum protection against hackers. Configuration is not easy for a normal user, because it needs specific skills and resources to make it good.

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