How To Be A Successful Ethical Hacker

Ethical hacking is not an art which you can mastered over a night, it needs patience to practice and study. To be a successful hacker you have to practice the techniques as much as you can. To be an ethical hacker, you must have deep knowledge about technical field. In my opinion, an ethical hacker must have some qualities. These qualities can be gained by anyone, who constantly practices and studies ethical hacking techniques.

To become a successful ethical hacker, you must have following qualities :
  • You must be good in networking and programming : Study deeply about networking and programming.
  • You must be familiar with vulnerability research : Study most common vulnerabilities and also learn to fix them. 
  • You must have mastery in different hacking techniques : Practice each and every hacking techniques as well as possible. 
  • You must have depth knowledge in various platforms like UNIX, Linux, windows. 
  • You must be highly technical : Deep technical knowledge and familiar with all type of technical issues.
The above qualities will make you a successful and most famous ethical hacker in the world. In order to achieve that goal, you must PRACTICE.....PRACTICE....PRACTICE...

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