As you know that, HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol. Similarly, HTTPS is the same protocol with secure connection.

HTTPS Is A Protocol ?

HTTPS is not a protocol, it is the combination of HTTP(Hypertext transfer protocol) and SSL/TLS protocol to make a strong communication on HTTP with SSL/TSL security capabilities.

How It Helps Us ?

  • The HTTPS provides the protection against man-in-the-middle attack. Also it provides bidirectional encryption of communication between client and server. So it helps to protect against eavesdropping and tampering data of the communication.
  • A HTTPS communication between a website(web server) and a user(client), cannot be intercepted by third party.
  • Web accounts must use HTTPS communication, because the cookies are encrypted in this communication. Otherwise ,Cookies can be steal by attacker using click jacking method to hijack that session.
  • The unencrypted networks like WiFi needs HTTPS encryption to protect against packet sniffing, which reveals the sensitive data. And the HTTPS communication gives protection against packet injection.
  • HTTPS connections are also uses in the payment transactions, sensitive transactions and also used for protecting authenticity of websites.
  • HTTPS can be used for browse the web privately.
  • If you have to secure a site with HTTPS. You should host the site completely on HTTPS. Otherwise the user of the website will be vulnerable to attacks.
  • The HTTPS encrypted connections can also used in TOR networks. Because the malicious TOR nodes can alter data that passing through them and also can inject malware.
  • The HTTPS is a very useful communication over the Internet. So web security means encrypted connection.

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