Keyloggers Explained


Keyloggers are the programs used to log(record) every keystrokes. The keyloggers usually runs hidden in a system. The keyloggers can be used to monitor a particular user activity, usually it can be used to catch a cheating spouse. To install a keylogger in a system, the user needs administrator privileges.

The keyloggers are classified into two types. They are,
  • Hardware Keylogger 
  • Software Keylogger 

Hardware Keylogger

The hardware key logger look like a computer periferal like usb drive.These hardware keylogger is plugged between the keyboard plug and the usb or ps/2 port socket.It having in built memory to store keylogs.

Software Keylogger

The software keylogger is program that records each keystrokes and stores privately for a particular user. It runs hidden in a computer system. They are classified into two types,
  • Local Keylogger 
  • Remote Keylogger 

Local Keylogger

The local keyloggers are used to monitor local computers like your PC. Parents can use these types of softwares to monitor your child's Internet activity. There are many keyloggers available on the market, but you have to select a keylogger according to the purpose.

Remote Keylogger

The remote keyloggers are used to monitor a remote user's activity. Usually it can be used to hack someones account. So it is one of the favourite program of malicious hackers.

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