Hacking Explained


We can say, Hacking is the process of taking control of computers, networks etc. or hacking is an art of exploring vulnerabilities. However, the term hacking really depends on how a hacker uses these vulnerabilities.

  • If the hacker (who do hacking) uses the information (vulnerabilities) to protect  networks or computers, it is called white hat hacking (Ethical hackers).
  • If the hacker uses the information for personal gains, it is called  black hat hacking (crackers).
  • If the hacker uses the information for different purposes (black hat or white hat), that is called as grey hat hacking.
  • If the hacker uses the information to bring down critical infrastructure for a cause and not worry about facing several years in jail for their actions --- suicide hacking (suicide hackers).
There are many ways an attacker can gain access to a system:

Types Of Attacks

Operating System Attacks

The operating systems are complex in nature. Default installing of these operating systems has large number of services running and ports are open. So an attacker can easily gain access to the system.

Application Level Attacks

The applications comes with several functionality and features. However security is often delivered as a add-on component. This leads to application level attacks.

Shrink Wrap Code Attacks(Attacking The Library)

When you install OS or Apps it comes with a lot of scripts. Customizing these scripts is not fine for a user. This leads to shrink wrap code attack .

Misconfiguration Attacks

When the system is complex and administrator doesn't have necessary skills to fix the problems.

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